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Bathroom Basins Brisbane

Bathroom Basins in Brisbane

Designing a stunning bathroom is probably the most difficult part of a home renovation project, due to the rigorous thinking that goes into it. All the furniture, fixtures and lighting have to look as good as they function. They must also complement your bathroom style and the overall home in order to achieve a truly comfortable and satisfying space. But when it comes down to choosing the right supplies, there is an overflowing sea of beautiful, irresistible options — it's easy to get lost or confused.  

One important and unarguably most used fixture in your bathroom is the basin. Your daily sanitary routine revolves around it. From washing your sleepy morning face to brushing, shaving and washing of hands, it is a vital component of your daily routine. Apart from that, basins are decorative elements. They draw attention, add the finishing touch to your bathroom design, and enhance the overall feel. Hence, when buying bathroom basins, you should keep quality at the top of your mind. 

Whether you’re buying bathroom basins in Brisbane for your reno project or new home, you want a unit that can stand up to your daily routine without fading. You also want a unit that can accommodate the needs of every family member and suit the design style of your house. 

Your basin of choice must be practical as well as elegant. It should complement your bathroom’s size, shape and style in order to create a comfortable and functional bathroom. 

Bathroom basins differ in type, size, shape and colour. If you’re looking to buy a bathroom basin in Brisbane, your choice of the basin will depend on your preferences, home style and budget. But, before making a choice, you’ll have to consider the type of basin that best suits your bathroom style, layout and size. 

Types of bathroom basins for sale in Brisbane.

Wall mounted, floating or wall hung basin:

Just as the name suggests, this basin hangs off of the wall, exposes your plumbing, and frees up your space. Wall hung basins are the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms as they stay off the ground, take up minimal space, give you more legroom and enough open floor for movement. The floating design and exposed flooring can make an otherwise small bathroom look bigger. This basin allows you to put your plumbing and tiles on display if they add to your bathroom’s aesthetics. Wall mounted basins are unique, beautiful pieces. Even though they are mostly used in small sized baths, they also look good in large bathrooms, introducing a minimalist, cool vibe. You have the freedom to affix the wall hung basin at any height. It is a very convenient, and versatile unit, suitable for a range of bathroom styles and designs. 

Above counter or countertop basins:

These luxurious, contemporary style basins are ideal for modern, classic bathrooms. They sit majestically on the surface of your vanity unit or countertop, delivering a bold, stunning statement. Above counter basins are truly beautiful and stylish basins, perfect for both large and small bathrooms. They bring a nice air of sophistication into your bathroom and are the ideal choice if you’re a serial home renovator who loves to keep up with trends. These units come in an incredible variety of styles, are convenient and very functional. Their versatility makes them a lovely match for a range of bathroom styles and designs. 

Under counter basins:

Whether it is the inset, or under-mount variant, under counter basins, are innovative bathroom pieces that uniquely combine style with space-saving features. They fit snugly into your vanity unit or countertop, either with the basin rim atop the bench or concealed under. If you’re looking for a suitable bathroom sink in Brisbane for your family or children bathroom, consider installing an under-counter basin. They are ultra-convenient,  elegant and durable. Also easy to clean and give your bathroom a clean, fly look every day. 

Compact basins:

Compact basins are the solution to preserving your space and keeping things clutter-free in cloakrooms and other small-sized bathrooms. They come in diverse stylish shapes and designs to enable them to fit into corners or stay by the side. You can use a compact basin to quickly upgrade your small-sized bathroom and give it a simple, delightful and contemporary look. 

Freestanding basins:

Freestanding basins are perfect for modern, contemporary bathrooms where style takes preeminence. They beautify, add charm and bring your bathroom design one step further. They are specifically preferred by young, sophisticated home renovators and designers due to their versatility, opulent design and convenience. If you want an exotic, unforgettable and charming basin that will please your eye, deliver a fresh, clean, and classic look every day, then go for the freestanding basin. 

Buy bathroom basins in Brisbane from BFW.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, then you’re probably in need of high quality and beautiful basin that won’t break the bank. Bathroom Factory Warehouse is proudly the biggest supplier of affordable, luxury bathroom basins in Brisbane. We have an extensive collection with all the types, sizes, shapes and colours of bath basins that you’ll ever need. We also have other bathroom accessories like tapware, bathtubs, toilet suites, showers etc., to enable you to design the perfect bathroom. 

We invite you to browse through our website and shop your preferred basin. You can also visit our showroom if you prefer an in-person purchase. All our products are insanely discounted; we want to help you design a luxurious bathroom without breaking the bank. 

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