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Bathroom Basins Gold Coast

Bathroom Basins in Gold Coast

Gold Coast Basins

If you live on the Gold Coast, you’ll agree that the under-counter basin is a household staple. It’s a popular choice amongst homeowners because its design and settings are comfortable and convenient, especially for families with kids. 

Undercounter bathroom basins like the name suggests are bathroom basins installed within or sunk into a countertop in a predefined space. Also referred to as inset or drop-in basins, these basins deliver a clutter-free, modern, and sleek appearance for your bathroom. The undermount basin is well suited for those who prefer a minimalist, calm bathroom design. Inset basins can be installed under a bathroom countertop or vanity unit. The body of the basin sits within your countertop, and only the edges stay within sight. This design frees up your benchtop and gives you sufficient space for organising your bathroom necessities. 

Undercounter basins are versatile units. They perform well in both large and small bathrooms. They are excellent space savers in smaller bathrooms, and in large bathrooms, they deliver a luxurious, opulent look, especially when it’s the double sink. If you decide to use a wall hung or freestanding vanity to house your inset basin, you will enjoy even more storage space for your essentials and conceal your plumbing. Inset basins create a clean, stunning look in every bathroom. Their concealed design makes them very convenient for every user — kids, adults and elderly persons. These basins are also the easiest to clean, and their deep setting means you do not have to worry about water splashing onto your countertop. 

Consider the under-mount basin if you’re renovating and looking to buy a bathroom basin on the Gold Coast. It will be a fantastic option, particularly if it’s a family bathroom shared with kids. Under-mount basins come in different sizes and shapes to suit your preferred bathroom decor. Feel free to go with straight-line designs like square, rectangle and square edge if you are more inclined to traditional, classic styles. But if trendy is your vibe, then the round, oval or round edge inset basin will be a perfect choice. 

For all your under-mount basins on the Gold Coast, shop from Bathroom Factory Warehouse.

Whatever your desired look may be, we encourage you to browse our full range of under-mount bathroom basins on the Gold Coast. We are confident that you will find a suitable basin for your bathroom, whether you’re looking for a replacement unit or buying it for the first time. We carry a massive range of stylish under-mount basins in different sizes, designs and exotic finishes. Some come with tap holes while others do not, giving you the freedom to add a personal touch to the design. We also have spectacular tapware for under-mount basins, so feel free to purchase any of our wall-mounted basin spouts or freestanding taps for an utterly satisfying look. 

We know that when designing a bathroom and choosing fixtures, what really matters is your personal taste and style. So, we carry other kinds of bathroom basins like wall hung basins, recessed and above counter basins to give you the freedom to choose the most suitable style for your interior.

All our bathroom fixtures, including toilet suites and taps, come in style, colour and size variants. We source from reputable brands like ADP, PS, Aquaperla, IS and others who guarantee the quality and durability of their products and provide generous warranties for your peace of mind. 

The best bathrooms are highly functional, stylish and comfortable. And BFW is only concerned with delivering quality bathroom basins that meet these criteria without losing their shine for many years. 

If you want to buy bathroom basins on the Gold Coast, why not look through our options now. We offer a wide variety of bath basins on the Gold Coast at the most affordable prices. All our basins are highly discounted, so you enjoy huge savings when buying your favourite bathroom basin from us. You are free to shop now from our secure website or visit our Sydney showroom if you prefer to see the basins before making a purchase.

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