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Bathroom Basins Melbourne

Bathroom Basins in Melbourne

Looking to buy a bathroom basin in Melbourne? Our handy guide will point you in the right direction. 

Considering how important a sink is to your bathroom, buying and installing the wrong one will cost you a great deal of money, time and convenience. The right bath basin can introduce a unique level of sophistication and comfort into your bathroom. Apart from making your daily sanitary routine a little more enjoyable, it adds to the overall aesthetics and amplifies your style. Purchasing a bathroom basin requires a thoughtful consideration of some factors, all of which will ensure your comfort and make your space more functional. 

Here are five crucial things to think about when buying a new or replacement bath basin in Melbourne.

  1. Your plumbing: If it’s for a new build, you can choose any type of basin and run the pipes to suit as long as it fits your overall bathroom design or decor. But if you’re buying a replacement unit, you may want to consider your existing plumbing set-up before making a choice. Buying the same type of basin will save you the cost and stress of reworking your plumbing and altering the style of your bathroom. You’re free to opt for a different size or style from your old basin as long as it’s convenient for you.
  1. Bathroom size and style: Imagine buying a large double sink for a cloakroom. It wouldn’t fit! Size is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a bathroom basin. If it’s for a powder room or guest bathroom, where only washing hands or brushing is done, a small sink like a corner or compact basin will be suitable. It will also save space and make the bathroom look bigger than it is. But in a master bathroom, you can go ahead and fit in your double sink or a big vanity basin. Basins come in various sizes and stylish designs, but it all comes down to the amount of space you have at your disposal and your bathroom style. While all bathroom basins look good, some will look better in the contemporary bathroom than in the traditional one. For instance, a countertop or freestanding basin in an all-white bathroom sets the tone for a contemporary style, while an under-mount basin in a freestanding shaker vanity depicts a more traditional style bathroom. Before you pick a basin, measure your space. You do not want to purchase a basin that will obstruct movement, so make sure you take measurements of your wall and the distance between the basin’s location and other fixtures like toilets and baths. Don’t forget to leave some extra space for cleaning.
  1. Materials: Today, bathroom basins are made with different materials; metal, glass, wood, plastic, marble, vitreous china etc., all of which come in different colours, designs, finishes and prices. Your lifestyle, preference and bathroom style should influence your choice. However, some materials are more durable, look better and provide more customisation options. Materials like vitreous China are easier to clean and more resistant to dent. It also has a shiny, appealing surface and is the standard choice for bathroom basins in Melbourne.
  1. Style of tapware: What is a bathroom basin without a tap? Both of them are interdependent, so your tapware should match your basin and make it more functional. You have to consider the kind and style of tap you will use with your basin. If you like to use a freestanding tap, then you want to get a basin without a taphole. If you choose the one tap hole basin, then a mixer tap will be your best pick. Whatever your choice may be, make sure there is enough space for washing and that your tapware can fit with your existing plumbing.
  1. Comfort of use: A prime factor to consider before choosing a bathroom basin is how comfortable it would be for the persons using it. Everything has to be convenient and comfortable for the end-user, from the height to the shape, positioning, depth, and tap. If it’s a child or older person’s bathroom, the basin style, height and choice of tapware should be lower and easier to use. Practicality is as important as style when it comes to bathroom basins. You do not want to buy and install a basin that is inconvenient or not suitable for the direct user. 

Shop quality bathroom basins in Melbourne

If you’ve made a decision about the best basin for your family or office, you can look through our online catalogue to see the exquisite and affordable options we have. Bathroom Factory Warehouse carries an extensive collection of bath basins in Melbourne. Our range features the different types of bathroom basins in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. We also carry complementary tapware to ensure you create a perfect looking bathroom. 

All our bathroom basins in Melbourne are carefully handpicked from the best sanitary ware manufacturers in and outside Australia. We also keep our prices low to give everyone the chance to design their dream bathroom. 

And if you’re still stuck or lost in the sea of options, then let us help you. Our bathroom design specialists are always available to give expert advice on the best way to design your bathroom. You can visit our Sydney showroom or give us a call now, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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