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Bathroom Basins Sydney

Bathroom Basins in Sydney

Discover an eclectic range of innovative wall hung basins in Sydney.

Not everyone has the luxury of a large bathroom where they can show off their innate creative prowess with large or multiple bathroom fixtures. 

However, being short on space does not mean your bathroom should look drab or unattractive. Furnishing a small bathroom requires finding innovative ways to minimise space without sacrificing your convenience. One of such ways is to install a wall hung bathroom basin. 

Wall hung basins are also called floating basins because they float with their backs affixed to the wall. This floating design makes them a perfect solution for small bathrooms where floor space is at a premium. Whether it’s a cloakroom or an ensuite, installing a wall hung basin is a fantastic way to keep your bathroom elegant and stylish. These basins come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, which allows them to fit with any bathroom shape or style. Because they usually hang with their back, underneath the basin is open and exposes your plumbing. But this is not a problem as you can use a chrome bottle trap or semi pedestal to conceal and add more styling. 

Although wall hung basins are popular in small bathrooms, they also make a great addition to larger bathrooms. You can install a big sized wall hung basin in your master bathroom if you want to keep things off the ground and maintain a minimalist look with clean, crisp lines. 

Styles of wall hung bathroom basins for sale in Sydney.

If you want to buy a wall hung bath basin in Sydney, you can choose from the vanity basin, semi pedestal or corner basin. 

The wall-mounted vanity basin helps you keep your space clutter-free with the extra storage it provides. This unit consists of a small wall hung vanity housing a countertop, inset or recessed basin. Although small, it has just enough room to hold your toilet paper and a couple of towels in its drawers. We have them in different colours and sizes, so feel free to choose the most appropriate one. You can choose to buy an all-white wall hung vanity unit or mix and match a coloured vanity with a white basin. Whichever way, you can’t go wrong with a wall-mounted vanity basin. 

Semi pedestal vanity basins are wall hung basins that have their pipes concealed with a semi pedestal. The pedestal adds a subtle traditional design to your decor and helps make your space look sharp. If the pedestal is not your style, you can use a stylish chrome bottle trap to conceal the plumbing. 

Corner basins are the ideal solutions for cloakrooms or tiny bathrooms. The beautiful thing is they come in unique shapes and sizes, so there’s something for every bathroom, no matter how small. They fit snugly into the corner and have enough depth for hand washing. When installed, they deliver a simple but lovely contemporary look. 

Benefits of wall hung basins.

Wall hung basins are most loved for their space-saving feature. Their floating design creates an illusion of more space and gives you more legroom for movement. If you opt for the wall hung vanity variant, you’ll enjoy generous storage for your essentials. The floating design also makes cleaning easier as it gives you full floor access and keeps your space clutter-free. 

Wall hung basins also give you great flexibility as you can affix them at any height. This makes them an excellent choice for children and elderly bathrooms. They are also easy to clean and low maintenance, especially those without pedestals. 

If your bathroom tiles are an essential part of your bathroom design, wall-hung basins give you the freedom to put them on display. Because they stay off the floor and only use a small part of your wall, you can display as much tiling as you want. 

Before you buy a wall hung bathroom basin in Sydney, check your wall.

Wall hung basins need adequate support, so you need to ensure that your wall is sturdy enough to hold the load. Your wall hung basin will be affixed to the wall with adhesive and or wall hangers to support the weight of the basin. If the wall is not strong enough, your basin can fall off in a short time. 

If you’re a competent DIYer, you’ll find that the wall hung basin is pretty easy to install. You can quickly put it together and save some installation costs, especially if you're not making changes to your plumbing. However, we highly recommend that you call a professional plumber to avoid any mistakes. 

For all your wall hung bathroom basins in Sydney, visit BFW.

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