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Black Basins

Black Basins For Sale 

Black Basin

Right now, coloured bathrooms are right on trend and increasing in popularity. But their sophisticated, elegant nature isn’t the only reason why modern and contemporary Australians are leaning towards them. Coloured bathrooms allow you to express your unique self, as the colours you decide to adorn your bathroom in are a direct reflection of your style and tastes.

Dark bathroom themes are an excellent way to create a timeless, intimate and sleek atmosphere for relaxing and recharging after a long day. Whether you are going for the all-black theme or just looking to combine black with some other colour of your choosing, black is an exciting way to create a statement and step up your bathroom reno game.

The black bathroom basin has a spectacular way of adding a unique focal point to your bathroom.

Sure, the all-white bathroom style looks nice, but enough of it. It’s time to change the standard. Black bathroom basins create a bold, daring statement. At first glance, they look magnificent! Oozing luxury and glamour, they make an incredible feast for the eye. Black basins are available in various styles, from the wall hung to the countertop basin, basin with pedestal, under the counter and inset basin. These style variants make them as practical as they are beautiful. So whether you choose to draw attention with the above counter black vanity basin or you want to water down the overly bright ambience of your white bathroom, the black basin will fit nicely into your scheme.

Plus, black basins come in a range of shades and finishes. How dark you want to go is all up to you. You can choose from grey, matte or glossy black, all of which are available in various materials from ceramics to metal, granite or quartz composite.

Here are interesting ways you can transform your bathroom with a black bathroom basin.

  1. Install a wall-hung black basin: I know that you’ve seen quite a variety of beautiful bathroom basins, but there’s not one piece of bathroom furniture as glorious as a wall hung black basin.
    It’s not the kind of basin that you find everywhere. 
    This unit takes all the attention and brings a subtle flair of sophistication to your space, whether it’s a powder room or a large bathroom. If you go for the square or rectangular shaped basins, you’ll find that they have sufficient depth to allow you to do all your washing, rinsing and shaving without hassle. You can even install a matching bathroom shelf underneath the unit for your towels and wash buddies if you like.
  2. Use the black countertop basin to keep things simple and chic: Countertop basins are loved for their minimalistic design, so if simple and stylish is your vibe, you will love black countertop basins. They come in different shapes, oval, round, square, rounded edge, and different tap-style configurations. These units are soft to touch, sleek and spectacular. They elevate your space and look ultra splendid when paired with wall spout taps. If you have an all-white bathroom, introducing the black countertop basin will accentuate your decor and add glamour to your space.
  3. Create an oasis with black pedestal basins: Pedestal basins are classic pieces with an incredible way of tying a bathroom design together. Of course, they are very practical options and popular in traditional-style homes. If you are renovating your bathroom, consider replacing your white pedestal sink with a black pedestal basin to make your otherwise ordinary bathroom look fabulous. Whether you choose the traditional style black pedestal sink or more modern styles, you will get functional, fashionable pieces that reflect your style.
  4. Add the classy black vanity basin: Black bathroom vanities are in style because they blend with any style and colour scheme. They are an excellent way to personalise your space and express your character. If you’re looking to introduce black bathroom furniture but are unsure about how it will look, go for the black vanity basins. You can’t go wrong with it. But if you want to tone down your black bathroom theme, then feel free to pair a stylish black basin with a contrasting colour vanity. Either way, bathroom vanities work exceptionally well with black basins. Plus, don’t forget the extra storage that vanity units provide — full options for style and functionality.  

Important things to consider when choosing your black bathroom basin

Tapware: Tapware and bathroom basins go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your tapware choice will either accentuate your basin or mask its beauty. When it comes to black basins for the bathroom, chrome or black colour tapware are perfect. Tapware with a black and gold finish also does well with black basins; they add elegance and make your basin pop. Choose the black matte tapware for your black bathroom basin; it is durable, doesn’t show fingerprints, and fits all bathroom basins’ styles. 

Practicality/usage: When choosing bathroom basins, your family’s needs or use should influence your decision. Round, oval bathroom sinks are more stunning pieces, but they offer less practicality and are best for powder rooms or bathrooms with no need for rigorous washing. The rectangular or square-shaped basins are more practical options as they have more space and give you more access to get things done.

Buy black basins online today from BFW.

Here at Bathroom Factory Warehouse, we have a spectacular fleet of black basins for sale at ultra-affordable prices. We also have vanity units and luxurious tapware to help you create the perfect bathroom. All our black basins are timeless pieces that you will love a little more every day as they will continue to add splendour and glitz to your space. So if you want to create a unique, sexy look in your bathroom, shop our range of black basins now. We are confident that you will love the black bathroom look. And remember, how dark you go is up to you and if you need help deciding how dark is too dark, give us a ring now, and our friendly team will help you make the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in addition to black basins, tapware and vanities, we have shower accessories, toilets, baths, mirrors, cabinets and wastes. We are proudly a one-stop-shop for all bathroom reno supplies. Feel free to shop all your bathroom furniture from our website or come to our showroom for a more personal experience. 

Yes, we deliver Australia wide, and it will take 10-15 business days to get to you.

Yes, we have traps and wastes available on our website and in-store. You can rest assured you will find all you need here.

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