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Gold Basin 

Trendy, sophisticated bathroom pieces for all style bathrooms.

One of the perks of a bathroom renovation is, it gives you the freedom to explore. Gone are the days where white was a bathroom colour staple. Now, homeowners and renovators are exploring colourful bathroom furniture, and they are falling in love with the vibrant, artistic diversity available at their disposal. 

Enter the gold bathroom basin. Gold bathroom basins are ergonomic, elegant and practical bathroom furniture in a range of artsy, luxe designs. The gold bathroom basin is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. It is beautiful, radiant, majestic and dazzling. It comes in a galaxy of styles, shapes and designs and suits the traditional and contemporary bathroom.  

Imagine walking into an upscale hotel bathroom suite adorned with a shiny gold bathroom basin. The luxurious ambience will immediately draw you to relax and make you comfortable. 

That is the atmosphere the gold bathroom basin creates. Available in various sizes, gold bathroom basins are suitable for large family bathrooms, powder rooms, cloakroom and ensuites. Regardless of your colour scheme or interior style, introducing a gold bathroom basin will illuminate your space, add glamour and make an otherwise ordinary bathroom extraordinary. 

If you are in the market for gold basins for bathrooms, there is an extensive range of options to choose from. You will find the all-gold variant and the exotic white and gold colour combo, which looks nothing short of amazing. They come in numerous shapes and styles — round, oval, square, rectangle, rounded edges, oblong, freestanding, inset, above the counter, and so much more. There’s something for everyone. There’s also gold basins with art engravings and eclectic patterns — these are designed to please the eye. Gold basins sit with honour and pride, creating a focal point in your bathroom. You can also choose from a range of materials — ceramics, marble, acrylic, stainless steel and more. 

We are making bathroom reno easy, quick and affordable. 

Here at Bathroom Factory Warehouse, we have a beautiful fleet of gold bathroom basins that are perfect for your bathroom renovation project or new build. All our gold basins come in the countertop style, and we have complementary countertops and vanity units to match. 

Choose from our IS LUX black marble stone top or the ADP Staccato cherry pie top, or any other countertop that tickles your fancy. If you prefer to make a resounding statement with the gold vanity basin, we have an extensive fleet of vanity units that you will love. 

Our primary concern at the Bathroom Factory Warehouse is to help you create a memorable bathroom experience. Hence, we stock an incredible selection of all the bathroom supplies you need to design a modern, comfortable and functional bathroom. Our gold bathroom basins come without tap holes, so you have the freedom to place your tap in your preferred position. 

Remember that tapware is the final piece that ties your bathroom design together so, when choosing tapware for your gold basin, make sure to select the style and colour that will accent your basin. Any freestanding or wall spout tap in brushed yellow chrome, chrome or brushed nickel will go well with your gold basin. Feel free to browse our tapware page now to find the perfect tap for your gold bathroom basin. We also have pop up wastes in a range of colours so that you maintain consistency. 

Our gold bathroom basins are innovative pieces with a self-cleaning glaze surface. They are soft to touch, super affordable and durable. All sourced from leading manufacturers in the bathroom supply industry, they have been tested to withstand extensive use, certified as safe household items and come with warranties. 

We have gold basins for sale on our website and in our Sydney showroom. You are welcome to visit us and see for yourself the quality of products we have. You can even come to us with bathroom style inspirations, and we will gladly provide professional advice and guidance on the best products for achieving your dream bathroom. When you buy gold basins online from us, we guarantee the same customer support you receive when you walk into our showroom. We have made our website safe and secure and included an advanced filter to help you locate the right products quickly. You can shop by brand, shape, colour and size. You can even give us a call if you encounter any trouble while shopping on the site, and we will provide support immediately. 

At Bathroom Factory Warehouse, we are changing the narrative. Getting your dream bathroom has never been easier or more affordable. Take advantage of our crazy discount prices and buy gold basins online now. We deliver to Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth within 7 - 15 days. 

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Our gold basins are ceramic. We have the Trier gold basin with spectacular art engraving on the side.

If you make an in-store purchase, you would have to allow 3 business days for us to make the product available for pick up. However, you can order online and select the local pick-up option. You would still allow 3 business days, but you only have to come by once this time.

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